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Introducing xBar for Windows

xBar for Windows (Windows 10 - Black Theme, Docked on the Right, 15% Transparency)
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The Fast & Easy Way to Find and Launch Software Apps, Open Documents, or Access Folders, and Drives in Windows. Quickly Organize Shortcuts into User-defined Categories. View System Details and Monitor your PC’s Performance with CPU, Memory, Temperature, and Battery Sensors.

Why Choose xBar for Windows?

Lightning Fast

Designed to eliminate the need to remember a Shortcut's name. xBar uses Categories, whereas the Start Menu is sorted alphabetically.

Small Footprint

xBar offers a ton of features in a very small package. It's designed to be fast without negatively impacting your PC's performance.

Dockable w/Auto Hide

Pin to either the left or right side of the Screen. Enable Auto Hide, and xBar slides off the screen; Hover the Mouse Cursor to reveal when needed.

Drag & Drop

Use Drag & Drop to quickly Add Application Shortcuts, Documents, and Folders to User-defined Categories.


Choose Widgets, Layout, Colors, and Features that best suits your workflow needs.

Color Choices

Choose from 8 predefined color themes or select your favorite color from a palette of 39 colors.

Clock Widget

Easy-to-read, large format, digital clock with date. Choose either 12 Hour Format or 24 Hour Format with optional AM/PM Time Marker.

PC Info Widget

Displays configurable PC System Info-Tidbits in an easy-to-read format. Invaluable when seeking Technical-Support Assistance.

PC Sensors Widget

Visually Monitor you computer's performance using the integrated CPU, Memory, Temperature, and Battery Sensors.

Shortcuts Widget

Organized into User-definable Categories, it's simply the fastest way to locate, launch or open Apps, Documents and Folders.

Drives & Folders Widget

Easy Access to Drives (USB | SSD | NVMe | DVD | HD). Quick Links to Shell Folders (Document, Photos, Music, Videos, etc.), and User Folders.

Button Bar Widget

Customizable, one-click access to protecting your computer when you are away (Lock, Logout, Suspend, Restart, Shutdown).

Digital Clock Widget

A large format Desktop Digital Clock

Displays the current Date & Time (with seconds) in an easy-to-read format.

  • 2 Time Formats - 12 Hour or 24 Hour (Military)
  • Show or Hide AM/PM Time Marker
  • Date automatically translated based on your Time / Date Locale Settings
  • AM/PM Time Marker & Date can be rendered using a different color
Digital Clock - 12 / 24 Hour Formats - Localized Date Format
Digital Clock - 12 / 24 Hour Formats - Localized Date Format

PC Info Widget

Detailed OS & Hardware system information at your fingertips

The PC Info Widget showcases the following user-selected info-tidbits queried directly from Windows. Ideal when talking to a tech-support agent.

  • Computer User
  • Computer Name
  • Windows Version & OS Build
  • LAN IP Address (assigned by your router)
  • WAN IP Address (external IP Address - Assigned by ISP/VPN)
  • Primary Monitor/Display Details
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit - Video Card + VRAM)
  • CPU (Make | Model | Core/Threads | Speed | Voltage)
  • Memory (System RAM) with 7 Display Choices
Windows OS & Hardware System Info
Windows OS & Hardware System Info

PC Sensors Widget

Visually monitor your PC's status with these handy sensors

The PC Sensors Widget includes up to four (4) unique, always updating (every-second), horizontal bar meters with on-the-fly color changes:
(Green=OK, Orange=Warning, Red=Critical | Danger).

  • Memory Sensor: % of Total Available Memory in Use
  • CPU (load) Sensor: % Processing Capacity in Use
  • CPU Temp Sensor: Current Temperature in Kelvin/Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Battery Status: % Charge Remaining
Memory Sensor, CPU Load Sensor, CPU Temperature Sensor & Battery Status Sensor
Memory Sensor, CPU Load Sensor, CPU Temperature Sensor & Battery Status Sensor

Shortcuts Widget

More than just an easy way to access Windows Apps

With the Shortcuts Widget you can organize Application, Document and Folder shortcuts into user-defined Categories. Categories can represent anything, not just the type of application (Utilities, Graphics Software or Office Apps), but also Projects comprised of different document files, folders and resources from any location on your computer (or networked server).

Drag & Drop Applications, Files, Folders or Shortcuts for quick access.

xBar creates the following default Categories, adding recognized Software Applications, Utilities, & Tools to the appropriate Category.

  • Apps
  • Accessories
  • Command Prompts
  • Development
  • Games
  • Internet
  • Systems Tools
  • Utilities
  • Windows 10/11 Apps
Windows 10/11 Apps Category (Launcher Focus) / xBar Project Category (Workflow Focus)
Windows 10/11 Apps Category (Launcher Focus) / xBar Project Category (Workflow Focus)

Drives & Folders Widget

Combines My Computer, Libraries, and Quick Access into one, easy-to-use widget

View and access your fixed & removable Drives (including stats), Common Library & Shell Folders, and User Selected Folders from your local PC or networked servers.

  • Automatically detects Removable USB Drives (Plug & Play)
  • Show or Hide Removeable Drives without Media
  • Easy access to both the Legacy Control Panel and new Windows Settings app
  • Drag & Drop your most used folders for easy access
Access Fixed & Removable Drives, Library / Shell Folders, and User Folders
Access Fixed & Removable Drives, Library / Shell Folders, and User Folders

Button Bar Widget

The Button Bar Widget provides one-click access to several useful Windows operations. The first five (5) buttons are optional, and the Button Bar Widget will automatically scale to fit you choices. You can also choose a Top or Bottom location for the Button Bar Widget.

Lock Windows, Log Off Windows, Suspend Session, Restart Windows, Shutdown Windows
  • Lock Windows Session Lock the Computer
  • Suspend / Hybernate Windows Suspend (or Hybernate)
  • Shutdown Windows Shutdown Windows
  • xBar Options xBar Options
  • Exit xBar Exit xBar
  • Log off / Logout Windows Session Logout (End Session)
  • Restart Windows Restart Windows
  • Shortcut Builder Shortcut Builder
  • xBar Help xBar Help System

Get Started

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Organize Your Desktop | Dockable Infobar + App Launcher for Windows

xBar for Windows

Version: 2.0.2208.23
Released: Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022
Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 11
Download Size: 9.74 MB
Disk Space: 17.7 MB