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Enhance Your Desktop with Daily Wallpaper & Optional Digital Clock

Introducing Today for Windows

Background: Wallpaper Image ◆ Digital Clock: Extra-Large, Bottom-right
Background: Wallpaper Image ◆ Digital Clock: Extra-Large, Bottom-right

A small but powerful Windows application designed to transparently display, in multiple Sizes and Locations, a Digital Clock on your Windows desktop.  Today also includes a full-featured Desktop Background Manager, with Bing Daily Wallpaper and Daily Wallpaper Refresh, allowing you to quickly and easily personalize your Windows Desktop.

More Than Just a Clock

Today's Digital Clock supports both 12-Hour (AM/PM) and 24-Hour (Military) time formats with seconds.

The integrated Date Display answers the eternal question, "What day is it?" And it automatically picks up your computer's regional settings and translates the date display into the appropriate language (e.g., Digital Clock View: US-English Date Format Digital Clock View: German Date Format Digital Clock View: Spanish (Peru) Date Format Digital Clock View: Ukrainian Date Format Digital Clock View: Dutch Date Format Digital Clock View: Portuguese Date Format Digital Clock View: Japanese Date Format Digital Clock View: Korean Date Format).

Today's Digital Clock
Today's Digital Clock

Multiple Display Size Options

Today's adaptive scaling makes it easy to see the digital clock on your computer's screen. You can choose from the following five size options:

Digital Clock Size: Compact
Digital Clock Size: Compact

Pick a Spot, Any Spot

Find the perfect screen position by choosing from 9 predefined grid regions. You can add padding, up to 256 pixels, to each side of the screen to prevent desktop icons from obscuring the digital clock (e.g., Top-left, Middle-left, and Bottom-left).

Digital Clock Location: Top-left (72 pixels padding)
Digital Clock Location: Top-left (72 pixels padding)

Desktop Background Manager

With Today's integrated Background Manager, you can choose from the following Desktop Background Styles:

Today's palette contains the 40 most commonly used Windows Colors.

There's no need to select a secondary color when using a gradient fill, Today automatically calculates a lighter version of the primary color for you.

You can use both Portrait and Landscape images as desktop wallpaper.

Desktop Background Style
Choose a Desktop Background Style

Wallpaper Image Browser

Today's Wallpaper Image Browser organizes your Wallpaper Image Collection into three (3) lists:

You can also Drag & Drop or Browse & Select Wallpaper Images to add to the Favorite Wallpaper Images list.

And it's easy to use - Single-click to preview, or double-click to preview and use as background wallpaper!

Image Browser Tools
Image Browser Tools

Bing Daily Wallpaper

Configure Today to download the latest Daily Bing Wallpaper Image.

Discover the 'why' behind each Bing Wallpaper image by clicking on Today's popup menu or viewing detailed image information.

Bing Daily Wallpaper with Quick Access to Information Tidbit
Bing Daily Wallpaper with Quick Access to Information Tidbit

Daily Wallpaper Refresh

Start your day with a newly downloaded Bing Wallpaper, or configure Today to randomly select and use a desktop wallpaper from Recent or Favorite Wallpaper Image list.

Quickly Configure Today's Daily Wallpaper Refresh
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Get Started

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Enhance your Windows Desktop with Daily Wallpaper, Optional Digital Clock & Date Display

Today for Windows

Version: 1.0.2208.29
Released: Tuesday, August 30th, 2022
Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 11 (32-bit)
Download Size: 14.66 MB
Disk Space: 31.7 MB