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What is Perspective for Windows?

Perspective is an Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Changer / Background Switcher with 3-D Perspective Rendering, 26 Amazing Eye-Catching Wallpaper Slideshow Transitions and Render Anywhere Technology. With it you can display your favorite wallpaper photos (abstract art, nature wallpapers, family, friends, places you've been or would like to visit) right on your Windows desktop.

You can select the time interval, choose your wallpaper slideshow transitions, queue your favorite HD wallpaper and photos and it will automatically switch the desktop wallpaper for you.

Perspective also has a whole host of configurable options which can transform a boring desktop into something that will really stand out.


Perspective's Main Window - Configure Slideshow Options
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Why Choose Perspective for Windows?

3-D Perspective Rendering

3-D Perspective Rendering adds depth to your wallpaper photos when rendered on an appropriate background (solid color, gradient fill, or darker background image).

Render Anywhere Technology

Render Anywhere allows you to pick from a grid where to draw wallpaper and photos on your desktop.

So even if your desktop is overflowing with icons you can still display your most memorable photos.

HD Wallpaper & more

Perspective supports numerous Wallpaper Photos formats such as:

  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • Windows Bitmap Format
  • Tagged Image File Format
  • JPEG XR Image (HD Photo)
  • High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF)
  • ..and much more

Fast & Easy to Use

Wallpaper Slideshow Settings have been organized into 4 Easy to Access Tabbed Sections

Queue Desktop Wallpaper Slideshows Using Folders, and not Individual Photos

Pause Wallpaper Slideshows when Full Screen Apps are Detected, Running on Batteries or when the Monitor Sleeps.

Intelligent Slideshows

You can configure Perspective to swap wallpaper as fast as your computer can or as slow as once every 12 hours.

Additionally, automatic wallpaper photo randomization and Auto Queueing & Randomization of desktop wallpaper on startup guarantee unique desktop wallpaper slideshows each and every time you start your computer.

Advanced Wallpaper Controls

You can fully customize how Perspective works. Simple things such as how and where to render onscreen wallpaper photo file information, what to do on startup, whether or not to leave the desktop wallpaper on exit.

Additionally, you can configure:

  • Slideshow Transitions and speed
  • Customizable rendering size & location
  • Portrait photo minimum size & location
  • Landscape photo minimum size & location
  • Background Types
  • Supported Photo formats
  • ..and much more

Get Started

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Wallpaper Changer / Background Switcher, 26 Eye-Catching Wallpaper Transitions, 3D Perspective Rendering and Render Anywhere Technology

Perspective for Windows

Version: 2.1.1904.11
Released: Thursday, April 11th, 2019
Supported OS: Windows 10
Download Size: 6.08 MB
Disk Space: 14.3 MB