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Organize, Explore, and Manage Your Entire Photo Collection

What is fotoXplorer?

fotoXplorer is simply the fastest, easiest way to Explore, Organize, and Manage your entire photo collection. It includes a high-speed Photo Viewer designed and coded to leverage today's multi-core and GPU enhanced PC hardware offerings.  With fotoXplorer, you can quickly organize all of your photos into easily identifiable, categorized Photo Albums (with Cover Art).  Additionally, fotoXplorer incorporates a whole host of powerful, multi-threaded Photo Management Tools. Making it easy to Batch Resize, Convert, Rename, Import, Export, and Manage Exif Metadata.

fotoXplorer - At A Glance


A fast (multi-threaded) and full-featured Photo Viewer supporting both Single Photo (with Pan & Zoom controls) and several user-selectable thumbnail views for browsing your photo collection. fotoXplorer also includes fully customizable Fullscreen and Slideshow views.

And if that's not enough, fotoXplorer's Photo Properties feature provides a unique and detailed view into the various types of metadata information (Exif, IPTC, and XMP) stored in your photos.

Photo Viewer - 1 Photo - Zoom Controls on Page Stats Bar
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With fotoXplorer, you can organize your entire photo collection into categorized Photo Albums. A Photo Album represents a link to a folder containing one or more photos and folders. Photo Albums also include advanced properties such as filtering specific Photo Formats, searchable tags/keywords, and other settings.

One of fotoXplorer's core features is called Collections. Collections are specialized Photo Albums that Group one or more linked link icon Photo Albums from any Category to form a more extensive Photo Album. They provide a fast and easy way to view related Photo Albums regardless of where your photo folders exist on your PC.

Additionally, you can Tag any Photo Album as a Favorite and include it in the Favorites Group. Photo Albums tagged as a Favorite have the bookmark icon icon and are available from the Favorites Tab .

Photo Albums Tab - Select a Category from the Categories Dropdown List
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fotoXplorer also includes easy-to-use, and often pre-configured, multi-threaded Photo Management Tools & Utilities that can operate on entire photo albums (Batch Processing) or individually selected photos in the photo viewer.

Photo Album / Explorer View - Tools (Batch Processing)
Photo Tools (One or more selected photos - No UI)
  • Ratings (1 thru 5 Stars, Clear)
  • Fix (Swap) Timestamps
  • Metadata Tools (Add/Update Basic Metadata Info, Wipe)
  • Update Photo File Created & Last Modified Timestamps
  • Resize | Convert (with Metadata support)
  • Transform (Rotate Left/Right 90°, Flip, Grayscale)
Photo Album Tools - Metadata Tools (Create/Update Basic | CREATOR | Windows® Exif Metadata)
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Supported Photo Formats

fotoXplorer supports the most common photo / image formats (such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, WebP, JPEG XR, TIF and BMP). It also includes support for numerous proprietary RAW Camera Photo / Image Formats. Which are easily imported, resized and converted using fotoXplorer's Photo Album Tools.

  • ArriFlex ARRIRAW Image (.ari)
  • Camera Raw Image File (.cr2, .bay)
  • Canon Raw 3 Image File (.cr3)
  • Canon Raw CIFF Image File (.crw)
  • Desktop Color Separation File (.dcs)
  • Device Independent Bitmap File (.dib)
  • Digital Negative Image File (.dng)
  • DirectDraw Surface Image Format (.dds)
  • Discreet Render Image Format (.drf)
  • Enhanced Image Package File (.eip)
  • Epson RAW File (.erf)
  • Exchangeable Image Information File (.exif)
  • Fuji RAW Image File (.raf)
  • Generic Raw Image File (.cap)
  • Google WebP Image Format (.webp)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
  • Hasselblad 3F RAW Image (.3fr)
  • Hasselblad RAW Image (.fff)
  • JPEG File Interchange Format (.jfif)
  • JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe)
  • JPEG XR Image (.jxr)
  • Kodak K25 Image File (.k25)
  • Kodak Photo-Enhancer File (.kdc)
  • Leaf Camera RAW File (.mos)
  • Leica RAW Image (.rwl)
  • Logitech Digital RAW Image File (.pxn)
  • Mamiya RAW Image File (.mef)
  • Minolta Raw Image File (.mrw)
  • Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image (.nef)
  • Nikon Raw Image File (.nrw)
  • Olympus RAW Image File (.ori, .orf)
  • Panasonic RAW Image (.rw2)
  • Pentax Electronic File (.pef)
  • Pentax RAW Image File (.ptx)
  • Phase One RAW Image (.iiq)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  • Raw Image Data File (.raw)
  • Run Length Encoded Bitmap (.rle)
  • Samsung RAW Image (.srw)
  • Shockwave Media File (.dcr)
  • SIGMA X3F Camera RAW Image File (.x3f)
  • Sony Digital Camera Image (.arw)
  • Sony RAW Image (.srf, .sr2)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.tif, .tiff)
  • Windows Bitmap Format (.bmp)
  • Windows Media Photo File (.wdp)

fotoXplorer - It's Customizable

Configuring how fotoXplorer looks, feels, and operates is easy. With fotoXplorer's Options, you can change built-in functionality, such as Confirmation Messages, Canvas Colors, Photo Associations, and Metadata Operations to suit your needs.

Why Choose fotoXplorer?

Simple, Easy to use Windows Application

Fast & Easy to Use

fotoXplorer is designed to be the fastest photo viewer/photo manager/photo organizer available

Dark & Light Themes

Photo Album Tools, Photo Tools and Explorer Tools for Resizing, Conversion, Transformation and Metadata Creation & Editing

Powerful Photo Tools

fotoXplorer is designed to be the fastest photo viewer/photo manager/photo organizer available

Touchscreen Enabled

Hardware Accelerated Render ensures the fastest possible image rendering

GPU Accelerated Rendering

fotoXplorer is designed to be the fastest photo viewer/photo manager/photo organizer available

Multi-Threaded Speed

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Photo Organizer, Photo Viewer, and Photo Manager for Windows

fotoXplorer for Windows

Version: 1.0.2108.21
Released: Tuesday, August 24th, 2021
Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 11 (32-bit)
Download Size: 28.06 MB
Disk Space: 42.2 MB