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What is Easy Realty Flyers?

Easy Realty Flyers is a simple, easy to use Windows 10 software application, designed to help Realtors, Mortgage Professionals and FSBO (For Sale By Owners) create, print & share open house and promotional real estate flyers.

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Why Choose Easy Realty Flyers?

Create your listing flyer in under 15 minutes

A Real Time-Saver

Includes 33 flyer template (1, 3 and 4 listing photos)

FREE! Flyer Templates

No need to bulk order online listing flyers - Print what you need, when you need it

Just-in-time Printing

A large business card with your picture and contact information

Offsite Realtor® Branding

Easy Realty Flyers - At A Glance


(What you see is what you get)

Real-time preview window displays your real estate listing flyer and it automatically updates to reflect your design choices.

Advanced Zoom controls allow you to view your real estate marketing flyer in various sizes (page width, page height, 1-to-1) and also use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out (up to 200%).

Flyer project details

Form-Based Design

With Easy Realty Flyers, you don't need to be an expert in desktop publishing. There's no need to spend time resizing and nudging photos into the correct position or choosing which typeface and size to use for the headline, details, features, and listing description.

Easy Realty Flyers is form-based, so you simply provide your profile information (photo, logo, and contact details) and listing details (photos, description, MLS#, address, and key features).

Easy Realty Flyers combines the listing details with your contact information, and any flyer template your choose to create the perfect, business crisp real estate flyer.

Exporting Flyer

1-Click Exporting

You can scale (up to 500%) and save your real estate flyers so they can be printed at your favorite office supply or print & copy store.

You can easily export and save your real estate flyer to several popular formats such as:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • JPEG Image Format
  • PNG Image Format
  • TIFF Image Format
  • Windows Bitmap format
Multiple Themes & Colors

Themes, Colors & Fonts to Fit Your Brand

Pick from 33 free business crisp real estate flyer templates (each supporting 1, 3 or 4 listing photos), choose 1 of 84 vibrant colors from the color palette, and select any TrueType or OpenType typeface from your PC and you're done.

How Does It Work

Easy Realty Flyers combines your contact information, listing details and a flyer theme template to create the perfect real estate flyer every time.  And most important of all, it handles all layout and photo positioning for you!


 Your Contact Information, Photo & Business Logo

Contact Information Dialog

 Your Listing Details, Description, Features & Photos

Listing Details Dialog

 Your Listing Flyer!

Resulting Listing Flyer

Get Started

Buy Easy Realty Flyers for just $19.95 USD or take it for a spin for 30 days Free! Up to you.

Real Estate Flyer Software for Windows with FREE Flyer Templates

Easy Realty Flyers

Version: 2.1.2104.29
Released: Friday, April 30th, 2021
Supported OS: Windows 10 (32-bit)
Download Size: 5.00 MB
Disk Space: 10.3 MB