News - 05.18.2023

xBar for Windows - Releases

Thursday, May 18th, 2023 @1:07PM,   Releases

An updated version of xBar for Windows is now available for download.  This release includes usability enhancements, fixes to issues.

Fixes / Changes (PCInfo Widget)

  • Added secondary (backup) Ip2Location provider service.

This change allows xBar to use an alternate IP2Location service should the first one fail to respond in a timely manner or the resulting information is invalid.  I've also changed the code, so it displays a message when it can't resolve the IP Address location.  This release includes updates to libraries used by xBar (vcpkg) and the latest release version of Visual Studio 2022 (17.6.0).

A single end-user license (two installs) can be purchased (securely) for $9.95.  You can download the fully-functional, nag-screen-free, 30-day trial version (No registration necessary) for FREE. As always, updates & upgrades are free for Registered Users.

Visit xBar's Product Page for more information.