News - 08.30.2022

Today for Windows - Releases

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022 @6:00AM,   Releases

Today for Windows - Main Window

An updated version of Today for Windows has been posted and is available for download.

Issue(s) addressed / changes / updates:

  • Daily Refresh (Downloaded - Bing Wallpaper) when there's no available internet connection
  • Latest updated vcpkg libraries
  • Latest Visual Studio 2022 Release (C++)

Today wasn't handling a case when there's no internet connection (Comcast's xfinity Services was down yesterday) while executing the Daily Refresh (Bing Downloaded Wallpaper) code.  Today will detect if there's no internet connection, but my logic wasn't handling the fact that there's a possibility that no wallpaper image(s) were downloaded.  By that, I mean, it wasn't updating the preview window (see above screen cap) with the current selected wallpaper image (previous day's downloaded image).  This has now been addressed.

Today has also been updated to use the latest libraries automatically included in the project using vcpkg. There was also an updated version of Visual Studio 2022 released by Microsoft which addressed a few compiler specific issues.

Today can be purchased (securely) for $4.95 (normally $7.95) for a single end-user license (two installs).  You can download the fully-functional, nag-screen-free, 30 day trial version (No registration necessary) for FREE.

Visit Today's Product Page for more information.