News - 08.23.2022

xBar for Windows - Releases

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022 @12:00PM,   Releases


A new version, 2.0.2208.23, has been posted and is available for download.

The following changes/enhancements have been incorporated into this release:

  • Autoscaling - xBar & Widgets now scale based on your screen's resolution
  • UWP Apps - Added support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps - AKA Microsoft Store Apps
  • Multi-Monitor Support - You can now specify the docking location when using more than 1 monitor
  • Improved Autohide & Docking regardless of the Windows Taskbar location
  • Clock Widget - Date now displays using locale (translated) information

IMPORTANT: Please uninstall existing versions (64-bit) before installing this update (32-bit).

A single end-user license (two installs) can be purchased (securely) for $9.95.  You can download the fully-functional, nag-screen-free, 30 day trial version (No registration necessary) for FREE.

Visit xBar's Product Page for more information.