News - 01.07.2022

Perspective for Windows - Releases

Friday, January 7th, 2022 @8:00AM,   Releases

A new version of Perspective has been released (3.0.2201.5).

This update addresses a somewhat wonky bug that would randomly cause Perspective to crash (it would automatically restart, so you would have to be actively watching it to see it happen). 

It was a difficult bug to trace because it was so random.  I could run it for 24 hours straight and nothing would happen, the next day, it would crash within an hour or so.  And because Perspective uses the Windows Restart Manager, it would silently restart and I had no clue that it was crashing!

It turns out that some code (from Microsoft; C++ String Class) wasn't entirely thread-safe.  I wrapped the call with a CriticalSection/SingleLock to prevent what is known as a Race Condition and all is well.

As always, updates & upgrades are free for Registered Users.

Visit Perspective's Product Page for more information.