News - 11.29.2021

xBar for Windows - Releases

Monday, November 29th, 2021 @1:30PM,   Releases

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the release of xBar for Windows 10 / Windows 11.

xBar was designed to provide a better alternative to the Windows Start Menu.  The Windows Start Menu sorts Application Shortcuts alphabetically, in contrast, with xBar, Shortcuts are organized into user-defined Categories.  This makes locating and launching Software Applications or opening Documents (such as spreadsheets, PDF Files, Pictures and Videos) and Folders significantly easier. 

Additionally, xBar includes the following Widgets:

  • Clock Widget
  • PC Info Widget
  • PC Sensors Widget
  • Shortcuts Widget
  • Drives & Folders Widget
  • Button Bar Widget

xBar can be positioned on the left or right side of the screen and supports Auto hide (slides off the screen, hover the mouse-cursor to reveal) and it includes 8 predefined theme colors or you can select from a palette of 39 colors.  It is fully customizable, you can pick and choose the Widgets that best suits your needs and configure each Widget's settings accordingly.

Additonally, with xBar you can View System Details and Monitor your PC’s Performance with CPU, Memory, Temperature, and Battery Sensors.

xBar can be purchased (securely) for $6.95 (normally $9.95) for a single end-user license, two installs.  You can download the fully-functional, nag-screen-free, 30 day trial version (No registration necessary) for FREE.

Visit xBar's Product Page for more information.