News - 04.12.2020

Easy Realty Flyers - Releases

Sunday, April 12th, 2020 @12:51PM,   Releases

I have released a service update for Easy Realty Flyers for Windows.

This release addresses a problem that exists when a user installs the product on both a desktop PC and a laptop (which is allowed by the single end-user license) and uses OneDrive to sync between the computers. OneDrive was syncing the contents of the My Easy Realty Flyers folder between both computers, which also included the license key.  The problem, as you might imagine, is that the license key unlocks the software product on a single unique computer.  So each and every time OneDrive synced, it would copy the license key from the source computer and overwrite the license key on the destination.  This means the destination computer's copy of Easy Realty Flyers is no longer unlocked!

The update moves the license key to the Users\{user}\AppData\local\gdiObjects\EasyRealtyFlyers folder which shouldn't be synced between computers (based on my research).  There's also logic to verify if a valid license key already exists (in the new location) and whether or not the soon to be moved key is valid for the computer!

As always, updates and upgrades and free to registered users!