News - 07.06.2019

Perspective for Windows - Releases

Saturday, July 6th, 2019 @10:31AM,   Releases

An updated version of Perspective is available for download.  As always, registered users can download and install the latest releases for free!

This update addresses an interesting bug I have never encountered before!

The bug, of all things, was caused by a photo's filename. Perspective was designed and coded to handle what is known as escaped filenames.  You have probably seen escaped characters when surfing the web (such as %20) which replaces spaces.

I often queue up my Wallpaper Shortcut with over 39,000 images and let my software run 24/7.  However, I noticed for no reason what-so-ever, it started to exit out.  And by that, I mean it merely bailed with no crash indication or anything.

It turns out that one of the queued wallpaper images has a % in the filename.  Not an escape character (which is properly handled), but rather part of a very descriptive filename. 

The offending filename: 100%_Pure_Attention_Terrier_Mix.jpg (See below). 

So to fix this issue, I now "clean" the filename by running it through a function which first handles Escaped Characters and then searches and replaces single '%' with double '%%.'  This solution has addressed the problem and Perspective has been running continuously since July 3rd (swapping at computer's speed - no delay).