News - 02.19.2018

Easy Realty Flyers - Releases

Monday, February 19th, 2018 @7:37AM,   Releases

I'm happy to announce that both of the above mentioned products have been updated so they now support Windows 7.  It wasn't that difficult (Easy Realty Flyers has a few requirements).

Why the change?

I was reading a couple of different articles regarding Windows Operating System Usage and I discovered that Windows 7 is still quite popular.  And by that I mean popular enough that I needed to support it.

Here's the reference articles in case you are wondering too:

I've also made a changes to the Overwrite/Skip feature in Unzip Photo Archives.  I was trying to account for daylight savings time and that code would cause UPA to constantly overwrite the extracted image (date-time was off by an hour).

System requirement to run Easy Realty Flyers on Windows 7

  • Windows 7 SP1 (KB976932)
  • Platform Update (KB2670838)
  • Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft has released several roll-up packages for Windows 7 which contain hot-fixes and security patches and what-not.  I setup a computer running plain old Windows 7 Home and proceeded to use windows update (via the control panel) for several hours.  Some of the updates were quite large.  In some way or another I had forgotten how much I used to dread the constant update | install | reboot process.  Windows 10 update seems more efficient to me.  You can download the SP1 and Platform Update by using the KB numbers.  Create a support ticket if you need help.

As always, registered users can download and install the latest version for free!

I should note that I'm working on a fix for Perspective so it can run on Windows 7 and I've already been testing fotoXplorer on Windows 7 and it works perfectly!