News - 02.08.2018

Unzip Photo Archives - Releases

Thursday, February 8th, 2018 @8:05PM,   Releases

An updated version of Unzip Photo Archives for Windows has been released.  Several new features have been added and several multi-threaded code sections have been improved!

Here's a list of changes/additions:

  • UnRAR support added - Unzip Photo Archives can now process RAR archives in the same manner as ZIP archives.  It took a bit of work because RAR archives are stored differently (which is to be expected).  ZIP archives are indexed and easy to jump around. On the other hand, with RAR archives it is necessary to walk through the entire archive just to find the item (by name) to extract.  It is slower, but still faster than manually extraction.
  • Adjusted Overwrite logic so Unzip Photo Archives not only compares the filename, but the uncompressed file size and the last modified date to determine if it should be skipped.
  • Speaking of dates...Unzip Photo Archives now updates both date created and date last modified timestamps on the extracted file (image) with the date modified timestamp stored in the compressed archive.  An interesting note: ZIP and RAR archives do NOT store date created timestamps.  The zip file format has a field for date created, but it is (as far as my tests) always blank.  RAR archives don't even have the field.
  • Smart Extraction Updated - I believe I finally nailed down this lookup matrix so it accurately predicts the appropriate extraction method (extract to here / extract to folder).  Not only does it look at the archive itself, but also takes into consideration files at the same level as the archive file.  In my tests (see below), Smart Extraction exceeded my expectations.

Screenshot - 2_9_2018 , 8_46_16 PM

Screenshot - 2_9_2018 , 8_47_58 PM

As always, registered users can upgrade for free.  Simply download and install the latest version.