News - 05.24.2017

Easy Realty Flyers - Releases

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 @9:37PM,   Releases

A new version of Easy Realty Flyers has been posted and available for immediate download.  As always, this update is free for registered users.

This version adds new features listed below:

  • Pan & Zoom
  • Updated PDF Converter
  • Revised Color Palette Chooser
  • Revised Open Flyer Project Dialog
  • Changes to Business Logo


Pan & Zoom

You can now zoom in and out of your real estate flyer design by using the mousewheel or clicking on the buttons located on the newly added status bar (see below).  You can also drag the flyer around the design canvas to verify your details (easier to read when zoomed).


Zoom Status bar



Zoomed in (68%)


Zoomed (100%) and Panned to left side

Updated PDF Converter

I've recoded the Image2PDF engine to handle larger JPEG Image files.  It also embeds listing META data into the resulting exported real estate flyer (see below).


Exported Real Estate Flyer - PDF Format with embedded META Data

Revised Color Palette Chooser

The color palette chooser now contains 84 named colors.  These colors have been specifically chosen because they work best with printed materials.  (see below)


Updated Color Palette Chooser

Revised Open Flyer Project Dialog

The new Open Flyer Dialog now displays a preview of your real estate flyer.  This makes it easier to choose a previously saved flyer project (see below).


Open Flyer Project Dialog - Displays Real Estate Flyer Preview

And finally, when possible you should use a PNG version of your real estate company's business logo.  PNG images support transparency and look better when layered on top of colored backgrounds (such as gradient fills).  Both the Realtor-MLS and EHO logos have been updated to PNG image format.