News - 02.17.2017

fotoXplorer for Windows - News

Friday, February 17th, 2017 @8:29AM,   News

Development of fotoXplorer is moving along at a fairly quick pace. I started this project (several years ago) because I wanted (needed) a photo management tool which is easy to use, yet powerful enough to get any task done quickly.

Among the latest development are:

  • Explorer Shell Integration
  • Multi-threaded directory scanning (fotoXplorer doesn't keep image info in the database)
  • Multi-threaded resize & conversion tools
  • Full support for Microsoft's WIC codecs
  • Custom canvas colors (Normal View, Fullscreen & slideshow)
  • Full screen viewing
  • Slideshows
  • and most important of all...Direct2D Hardware Accelerated Rendering

It's almost finished and there's a good chance I'll release an early-experience version (simple documentation only)

Below are some screen caps!