Unzip Photo Archives

Quickly Find & Batch Extract Photos from Zip & RAR Archives

Introducing Unzip Photo Archives

Unzip Photo Archives is simply the fastest, easiest way to batch extract photos from ZIP & RAR archives.

Smart Extraction™ automatically determines the best way to extract the photos so you won't need to pop open an archive to view its folder layout before unpacking.

Unzip Photo Archives also automatically filters unwanted files and folders which helps to eliminate unnecessary clutter and time spent deleting files and folders.

With 3 levels of validation you can be sure each and every extracted photo is up to par.

Unzip Photo Archives - Main Window
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Features You'll Love

Filter Unwanted Files

Unzip Photo Archives automatically filters out unnecessary files/folders, so all that is left are the photos you were looking for.

In-place Batch Extraction

Unzip Photo Archives extracts the photos into the archives containing folder.

Smart Extraction™

Unzip Photo Archives automatically determines the best method of extraction (Extract to here... or Extract to folder).

Photo Validation

Just extracting photos is not enough! Unzip Photo Archives provides 3 levels of validation and warns you when there's a problem.


You can choose to automatically delete (permanently or Send to Recycle Bin) an archive after successfully extracting all photos (only if there are no errors).


Unzip Photo Archives can optionally rename an archives containing folder (auto-correcting the name) to lowercase, UPPERCASE or Title Case.

How does it work?

Unzip Photo Archives works by recursively searching a folder or drive for ZIP & RAR archives containing supported photo formats to extract. You choose which archives to perform batch, in-place extraction using Smart Extraction™ and it takes care of the rest.

Here's a quick 4-step tutorial to show you how easy it is to use.

Step 1 -  Choose the folder to scan.

Step 1 - Choose the folder to scan.

Step 2 -  Unzip Photo Archives will scan the selected folder and display the results.

Step 2 - Unzip Photo Archives will scan the selected folder and display the results.

Step 3 -  Select the ZIP & RAR archives to process and click the Green Go button.

Step 3 - Select the zip archives to process and click the Green Go button.

Step 4 -  Unzip Photo Archives will process the selected ZIP & RAR archives and display the results when completed!

Step 4 - Unzip Photo Archives will process the selected zip archives and display a results dialog when completed!

ZIP & RAR Archive processing time will vary depending on the level of validation configured in program options. As an example, Level-3 validation requires Unzip Photo Archives to pop open each extracted photo to make sure it loads correctly.

Batch ZIP & RAR Archive Processing the Way You Want It

You can fully customize how Unzip Photo Archives processes compressed archives. This includes overriding Smart Extraction's default scanning behavior (Extract to Here/Extract to Folder), the type of photo validation to perform, what to do with processed ZIP & RAR archives and many other options.

Get Started

Buy Unzip Photo Archives for just $9.95 USD or take the fully functional, nag-screen free, unlockable trial version for a spin for 30 days Free! Up to you.

Unzip Photo Archives

Unzip Photo Archives

Latest Version: 2.1.1802.15
First Released: Thursday, May 8th, 2014
Last Updated: Monday, February 19th, 2018
Minimum OS Version: Windows 7, Windows 10
Download Size: 3.20 MB
Free Disk Space: 7.5 MB