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Perspective for Windows (2.1.1805.4) Update Released

Posted: Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 @4:47AM

An updated version of Perspective has been released and is available for download and installation.


  • Added Fill Type to both Portrait & Landscape Photo Options. This new feature allows you to either Scale to Screen or Scale To Photo.  Scale to Screen was the default setting in all previous versions. Scale To Photo will size the wallpaper or photo to fit within the screen's dimensions without cropping. So there will be some visible borders on both sides of a landscape photo or wallpaper. But the entire photo/wallpaper can be viewed on screen. Portrait photos (using Scale to Photo) will not upscale a photo to fit the screen (based on your scaling settings). It will display the portrait photo at its original dimensions. Both settings work with the render anywhere tech too.
  • Some minor re-tooling and refactoring of code to eliminate redundancy.
  • Made some adjustments to the Exif reading code (Photo Properties Dialog).

As always, registered user can download and install the latest releases for free!

Perspective for Windows (2.1.1803.4) Update Released

Posted: Sunday, March 4th, 2018 @10:13AM

An updated version of Perspective has been released and is available for download and installation.


  • Re-coded Blinds & Strips transitions so they no longer interfere with foreground applications. This means Perspective can continuously run and swap desktop wallpaper in the background unnoticed (This includes swapping wallpaper at your computer's speed - less than 1/2 delay between swaps).
  • Fixed a problem with the Options Dialog Box not resetting the last transition to none.

As always, registered user can download and install the latest releases for free!

Easy Realty Flyers & Unzip Photo Archives Updated (Windows 7 Now Supported)

Posted: Monday, February 19th, 2018 @7:37AM

I'm happy to announce that both of the above mentioned products have been updated so they now support Windows 7.  It wasn't that difficult (Easy Realty Flyers has a few requirements).

Why the change?

I was reading a couple of different articles regarding Windows Operating System Usage and I discovered that Windows 7 is still quite popular.  And by that I mean popular enough that I needed to support it.

Here's the reference articles in case you are wondering too:

I've also made a changes to the Overwrite/Skip feature in Unzip Photo Archives.  I was trying to account for daylight savings time and that code would cause UPA to constantly overwrite the extracted image (date-time was off by an hour).

System requirement to run Easy Realty Flyers on Windows 7

  • Windows 7 SP1 (KB976932)
  • Platform Update (KB2670838)
  • Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft has released several roll-up packages for Windows 7 which contain hot-fixes and security patches and what-not.  I setup a computer running plain old Windows 7 Home and proceeded to use windows update (via the control panel) for several hours.  Some of the updates were quite large.  In some way or another I had forgotten how much I used to dread the constant update | install | reboot process.  Windows 10 update seems more efficient to me.  You can download the SP1 and Platform Update by using the KB numbers.  Create a support ticket if you need help.

As always, registered users can download and install the latest version for free!

I should note that I'm working on a fix for Perspective so it can run on Windows 7 and I've already been testing fotoXplorer on Windows 7 and it works perfectly!

Unzip Photo Archives (2.1.1802.8) Released

Posted: Thursday, February 8th, 2018 @8:05PM

An updated version of Unzip Photo Archives for Windows has been released.  Several new features have been added and several multi-threaded code sections have been improved!

Here's a list of changes/additions:

  • UnRAR support added - Unzip Photo Archives can now process RAR archives in the same manner as ZIP archives.  It took a bit of work because RAR archives are stored differently (which is to be expected).  ZIP archives are indexed and easy to jump around. On the other hand, with RAR archives it is necessary to walk through the entire archive just to find the item (by name) to extract.  It is slower, but still faster than manually extraction.
  • Adjusted Overwrite logic so Unzip Photo Archives not only compares the filename, but the uncompressed file size and the last modified date to determine if it should be skipped.
  • Speaking of dates...Unzip Photo Archives now updates both date created and date last modified timestamps on the extracted file (image) with the date modified timestamp stored in the compressed archive.  An interesting note: ZIP and RAR archives do NOT store date created timestamps.  The zip file format has a field for date created, but it is (as far as my tests) always blank.  RAR archives don't even have the field.
  • Smart Extraction Updated - I believe I finally nailed down this lookup matrix so it accurately predicts the appropriate extraction method (extract to here / extract to folder).  Not only does it look at the archive itself, but also takes into consideration files at the same level as the archive file.  In my tests (see below), Smart Extraction exceeded my expectations.
Screenshot - 2_9_2018 , 8_46_16 PM
Screenshot - 2_9_2018 , 8_47_58 PM

As always, registered users can upgrade for free.  Simply download and install the latest version.

Easy Realty Flyers (2.1.1802.3) Released

Posted: Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 @5:43PM

An updated version of Easy Realty Flyers has been released.

Changes in this release:

  • Added the ability to specify the scale of exported Flyer PDF's and Flyer Images (see below).  Normal Scaling (100%) is based on 8.5 x 11.0 Letter sized document.  You can now scale up to 500% of letter size.  Many print & copy shops request higher resolution images/PDF's so the printed output is anti-aliased.


  • Removed the E-mail Feature.  This was a difficult choice.  With Windows 10 there's no consistent method for creating an e-mail and adding the flyer as an attachment.  We are supposed to use MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface), however, Microsoft's Windows 10 default E-mail client doesn't support MAPI and recent tests with Outlook and Thunderbird proved pointless.  Sometime it worked and sometimes it didn't.  Also, both Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail are no longer supported or available for download on Windows 10.  So for now, this feature is removed until I can discover a new method.

As always, registered users can upgrade for free.  Simply download and install the latest version.

Perspective for Windows Released

Posted: Monday, December 4th, 2017 @12:00AM

I'm proud to announce the release of Perspective for Windows (formally known as 3-D WallpaperPRO).

This release represents a complete rewrite (including a new user interface) and a new, much sought after feature.

When I say sought after, it is something that I've been trying to code for several years. Always figured it was possible - and after finishing Perspective - BOOM...The solution hit me. This delayed the release a bit, so I could recode the wallpaper swapping engine as Perspective now renders directly to the window behind the desktop's icons (Using Direct2D for smooth animation).

What does this mean? In a nutshell, I can render the wallpaper using any one of the 26 slideshow transitions I've created (with more to come).

Check out Perspective's product page for more information and a video showing 13 of the 26 slideshow transitions!


Easy Realty Flyers (2.1.1705.21) Released

Posted: Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 @9:37PM

A new version of Easy Realty Flyers has been posted and available for immediate download.  As always, this update is free for registered users.

This version adds new features listed below:

  • Pan & Zoom
  • Updated PDF Converter
  • Revised Color Palette Chooser
  • Revised Open Flyer Project Dialog
  • Changes to Business Logo


Pan & Zoom

You can now zoom in and out of your real estate flyer design by using the mousewheel or clicking on the buttons located on the newly added status bar (see below).  You can also drag the flyer around the design canvas to verify your details (easier to read when zoomed).


Zoom Status bar



Zoomed in (68%)


Zoomed (100%) and Panned to left side

Updated PDF Converter

I've recoded the Image2PDF engine to handle larger JPEG Image files.  It also embeds listing META data into the resulting exported real estate flyer (see below).


Exported Real Estate Flyer - PDF Format with embedded META Data

Revised Color Palette Chooser

The color palette chooser now contains 84 named colors.  These colors have been specifically chosen because they work best with printed materials.  (see below)


Updated Color Palette Chooser

Revised Open Flyer Project Dialog

The new Open Flyer Dialog now displays a preview of your real estate flyer.  This makes it easier to choose a previously saved flyer project (see below).


Open Flyer Project Dialog - Displays Real Estate Flyer Preview

And finally, when possible you should use a PNG version of your real estate company's business logo.  PNG images support transparency and look better when layered on top of colored backgrounds (such as gradient fills).  Both the Realtor-MLS and EHO logos have been updated to PNG image format.

fotoXplorer for Windows

Posted: Friday, February 17th, 2017 @8:29AM

Development of fotoXplorer is moving along at a fairly quick pace. I started this project (several years ago) because I wanted (needed) a photo management tool which is easy to use, yet powerful enough to get any task done quickly.

Among the latest development are:

  • Explorer Shell Integration
  • Multi-threaded directory scanning (fotoXplorer doesn't keep image info in the database)
  • Multi-threaded resize & conversion tools
  • Full support for Microsoft's WIC codecs
  • Custom canvas colors (Normal View, Fullscreen & slideshow)
  • Full screen viewing
  • Slideshows
  • and most important of all...Direct2D Hardware Accelerated Rendering

It's almost finished and there's a good chance I'll release an early-experience version (simple documentation only)

Below are some screen caps!







Unzip Photo Archives Released

Posted: Monday, December 12th, 2016 @8:13AM

A new version of Unzip Photo Archives has been released.  There are several speed improvements implemented and it is now compiled using Unicode so it can better handle Non-US (english) character sets.  I removed RAR support for now, but plan to re-incorporate it soon.


3-D Wallpaper PRO Name Changed

Posted: Friday, November 18th, 2016 @8:00AM

I've decided to change the name of my automatic desktop wallpaper changer to Perspective for Windows.  Additionally, Perspective has been completely redesigned to allow for easier access to all of its features (including the real-time preview too!)

I'm still working on the update and it should be available for download soon.

Here are some screen caps

SlideShow Options Tab


Portrait Photo Options Tab


Landscape Photo Options Tab


and finally.. Background Options Tab


Website Updated

Posted: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 @7:54AM website has been completely redesigned using Materialize.  It is a very light-weight CSS & Javascript framework based on Google's Material Design Specifications.  It is fully responsive and easy to use.

Easy Realty Flyers 2015 Updates (

Posted: Thursday, October 15th, 2015 @2:31AM

Yesterday, I released an update with the following additions/changes:

  • Fixed 'Check for Updates' function.
  • Added 'View/Edit Your Profile' to QuickStart Dialog (On startup)
  • Added a note to 'My Information' tab on Options Dialog box.
  • Reviewed MAPI code for E-mailing. 

The added note lets you know that while in 'Evaluation mode' Easy Realty Flyers will save your contact information, photo and business logo, but not use it when creating new flyers.  By default it will use the built in Christina Pennland Profile, photo and business logo.  This constraint is intentional as it allows you to try-before-you-buy, without simply giving away a fully-functional software application.

MAPI is integrated into Windows OS via e-mail clients.  Sometimes it doesn't always operate as described by Microsoft.  I'm looking at including a SMTP option where Easy Realty Flyers is responsible for sending e-mails (instead of using your current Windows based e-mail application).

As always, updates are free to registered users.  Simply download the latest build ( and run the installer (no need to uninstall first). Website Updates

Posted: Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 @6:48AM

I've been updating the website to make it responsive (scale to any device) because Google flagged it as non-scalable. Apparently this impacts a website's SEO rankings.

There are some constraints in that Forums cannot be re-coded to be responsive (they use tables) but everything else seems to scale appropriately.

Easy Realty Flyers 2015 Updated

Posted: Thursday, October 1st, 2015 @11:57AM

I've uploaded a new version ( of Easy Realty Flyers 2015

This update corrects a problem when creating a new flyer project  on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.  Original testing didn't show this problem so I can only assume it was exposed when Windows (8.1 & 10) was updated.  This problem didn't exist on Windows 7 always, fun with multiple versions of Windows!

Please download and install the latest version (Registered user can update for free!)

Many thanks to Vlad Constantinescu at for notifying me of this..gulp...bug!

New Software Simplifies Real Estate Listing Flyer Creation

Posted: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 @4:54AM

Today, I'm happy to announce the release of Easy Realty Flyers 2015 for Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10).

With Easy Realty Flyers, real estate professionals can create, print (or e-mail) their own listing flyers without having to be desktop publishing experts.  Originally developed and published in 2006, Easy Realty Flyers 2015 has been completely redesigned utilizing the latest Windows imaging technologies.  A new rendering engine creates clean, business crisp real estate listing flyers with some new and exciting features (such as gradient filled theme templates).

Easy Realty Flyers Features:

  • Simple, easy to use design.  Point-Click-Print.
  • Form based.  No need to manually design and layout your listing flyers.
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Real-time preview window displays and automatically updates to reflect your design choices.
  • One-Click E-mailing. Easy Realty Flyers creates the e-mail message and attaches the flyer as a PDF document.
  • 11 designer theme templates, each supporting 1, 3 or 4 listing photos (a total of 33 theme templates).
  • Choose from 55 vibrant colors and 100+ TrueType/OpenType fonts.

Quickly Find & Batch Extract Photos from Zip & RAR Archives

Posted: Thursday, May 8th, 2014 @7:54AM

Today, I'm happy to announce the release of Unpack Photo Archives for Windows (Windows 7 & Windows 8).

Unpack Photo Archives is designed to search your computer and perform in-place, batch extraction of photo collection archives stored in Zip and RAR format.

Some features include:

  • In-place Extraction of Archive Photos from Zip & RAR Archives with 3 Levels of Photo Validation.
  • Filters Unwanted Files & Folders (such as __MACOSX, .DS_STORE, TXT and NFO).
  • Smart Extraction™ Automatically Determines Best Extraction Method (Extract to here.. or Extract to folder).
  • Auto-Delete will remove archives upon successful processing.
  • Auto-Rename converts & cleans up folder names.

Unpack Photo Archives can be downloaded now from here.

3-D Wallpaper PRO Updated (Version 1.1.2014.24)

Posted: Thursday, February 13th, 2014 @4:10AM

An updated version of 3-D Wallpaper PRO has been released.  Below are the changes | enhancements.

3-D Wallpaper PRO (Version 1.1.2014.24)

  •     Fixed Issues with Shortcut Builder
  •     Fixed Auto-Correct Folder Name
  •     Compiled & Built using Visual Studio 2013
  •     Updated UI to reflect new MFC Version

All product upgrades (new version) and revisions are free for registered users.

Please make sure to exit out of 3-D Wallpaper PRO before installing the update.


  There's no need to uninstall existing versions before installing the update.

3-D Wallpaper PRO and getPHOTO() PRO Updated

Posted: Friday, January 24th, 2014 @11:01AM

Both 3-D Wallpaper PRO and getPHOTO() PRO have been updated.  Updates are free to all registered users.  Simply download the latest version from the Products page and run the installer (no need to uninstall existing gdiObjects versions)

3-D Wallpaper PRO (Build 1.1.2014.21)

  • Correctly handles ESCAPE key (used to exit, which wasn't OK)
  • Changed Drop-down selection style (to drop-list)
  • Mapped F1 key to display Help System


getPHOTO() PRO (Build 2.0.2014.17)

  • Mapped F1 key to display Help System

Welcome to gdiObjects!

Posted: Sunday, January 12th, 2014 @11:04AM

It's been 9 months since I decided to re-brand my software to gdiObjects and I'm pleased to announce that this project is finally finished!

What's New?

This website has been completely re-engineered using the latest standards (HTML5 & CSS3) and I switched to PHP because it seems to be faster and more responsive than .net or any other server-side scripting languages.  I've also Bootstrapped it and incorporated some new features (such as the Help Desk and integrated Community Forums).

What's Updated?

Both getPHOTO() PRO and Perspective have updated and now include a drop-down menu with links to (Home page, Help Desk and Forums).  A Check for Updates feature is now built in to the software (available by clicking on the About button on each product).

I also spent a month adding featured and improving each product.  The Online Help System have been replaced with the traditional HTML Help File (*.chm) and included in each product's installer.

With 3-D Wallpaper PRO, I made some subtle changes to the Wallpaper Settings page.  I added a Border/Border Size feature when rendering desktop wallpapers.  It now correctly scales and crops full size landscape images.  The Glass Reflection feature can be configured independently for each photo orientation type (landscape | portrait).

A forum topic Your Thoughts has been added and I would appreciate your feedback & ideas on how to improve my software and website.

Over the next few days/weeks I'll be updating the Twitter feed, so please follow gdiObjects for the latest news and updates.